Traveling artist! Coming to a shop near you!


Thanks Black Sage Studio

Thanks Baylen glad we got to finish this skullopus on your arm

Made some progress on Keith’s back. See you in Florida for the next round. 
Added this ice pick hammer and ice cube to Stevens half sleeve. 


Black sage studio

I am now guesting at black sage studio with some amazing artists such as Meliss fusco and brian Henry.  I will be in evergreen for a few short days then I’ll head off towards Montana. 


Denvers tattoo and arts expo by villain arts

Had a blast at the show this past weekend working with some of my favorite people at the Denver convention.  That’s step one on this tattoo tour of America! Now onto black sage studio for a few days in evergreen.

Denver tattoo convention 

I will be attending this show this weekend and I have availability so let me know if you want to be tattooed!


Alfred prints 

Prints made by mindzai creative are in of Alfred 

$20 in person

$25 shipped PayPal 

Please include shipping address

All profit of prints will help fund my travel expenses for this new adventure 

The last best place tattoo

Ill be guest spotting at the last best place tattoo in great falls Montana mid September