Wholehearted tattoo 831-800-6433


Breck guest spot January 2019

Houston guest spot December 2018

Work since moving to Monterey

Chris made old gold a stop on his road trip…

…. to finish up his side piece we started a couple years ago in Breckenridge

New art since the move

sorry for the delay in updates but this will catch me up to date.

Different shop same town

Moved up a block to old gold tattoo

Citrine tattoo

Proud to announce I will tattooing full time in Bellingham Washington at citrine tattoo

Integrity tattoo

Big thanks to Ben rob and Devin in Biloxi for hosting me for my final guest spot of this leg of the tattoo tour!

Another Houston trip wrapped up

Austin, Texas


Monterey, California 

Monolith tattoo

This studio was really cool.  Artists had there own bays with low half walls and the lobby was set up to keep anyone that is waiting entertained, pool table and chess board included.  Plus some super cool mercy and some tablets so you can look at everyone’s Instagram accounts or browse the Internet for ideas.  Just a very nice and well ran studio

Bend, oregon

Bellingham Washington 

Started the first week here at old gold


and the second week at citrine tattoo 

Missoula montana

I’ll be here at blaque owl tattoo all week and maybe a couple days into next if you guys keep me busy! Come in out of the much needed rain and get tattooed!

Last best place tattoo

I only got to do two tattoos at this shop but this one was a fun one! 

Missoula montana next week

Blaque owl tattoo September 19-24 

In great falls Montana this week

Last best place tattoos this week, if you or anyone you know is in the area hit me up

Headed to Yellowstone for a few days

Thanks Black Sage Studio

Thanks Baylen glad we got to finish this skullopus on your arm

Made some progress on Keith’s back. See you in Florida for the next round. 
Added this ice pick hammer and ice cube to Stevens half sleeve. 

Black sage studio

I am now guesting at black sage studio with some amazing artists such as Meliss fusco and brian Henry.  I will be in evergreen for a few short days then I’ll head off towards Montana. 


Denvers tattoo and arts expo by villain arts

Had a blast at the show this past weekend working with some of my favorite people at the Denver convention.  That’s step one on this tattoo tour of America! Now onto black sage studio for a few days in evergreen.

Denver tattoo convention 

I will be attending this show this weekend and I have availability so let me know if you want to be tattooed!