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Archive for March, 2011

Ashleys bride of Frankenstein



Mikes bio”music” halfsleeve progress





Ians battleship progress




Reys virgin Mary


Jareds tomato love

Nanezs texas tattoo

Alissons octopus progress

Jims pocket watch

Bradys foot prints of his newborn son

Shanes biomech sleeve progress

Chris’s phoenix

First color session down

Tonys tree

This is the world famous Tony Meade….. I did his background as a tree behind the pre exsisting Boston terrier and skate board tattoos by grant Cobb. I also did a forearm piece on Tony based off of a matt Hensley skateboard design a while back.

Megans zombie mermaid progress

Str8edge stevens sleeve progress

Davids raptor/dragon creature thing

David came to me a while back with a really bad eyeball tattoo. I fixed it up and made it into a good tattoo, then he wanted to add the claws below it and just recently added the tail.

Brittanys mirror

This is a “mucha” inspired design I drew up for Brittany. I can’t wait to finish this piece it’s going to be amazing!

Juniors turtle

This is the 2nd session of his half sleeve

Kieths karaken

This is a 3/4 sleeve I completed today on kieth

Jeffs sleeve

This is the inner part of Jeffs arm, aka the final section of his sleeve…. I’ll post healed pics in a few weeks

Roys tiger

This is a tattoo that I redid, he had the tiger and cave originally but I livened it up and enhanced it. Then we added the background to bring in some more color.