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Jakes fancy frankenstien

This is Jakes fancy Frankenstein, his purple suit shows he means business but can still have a good time, and his alligator skin suitcase proves he has style. Why is it handcuffed to his hand you may ask, is it because he has lost so many of them in the past due to being irresponsible or are there detonation codes for ww3 missiles? The world may never know

Mikes bio-music halfsleeve

This a biomech piece with a little musical influence

Celtic dogs on john

I redid the tribal and clover part of this tattoo but the Celtic dogs is what I added as the border.

Chris’s phoenix

This is a drawing I did a few years ago for a client who never returned. Out of luck chris came in looking for a phoenix that my drawing fit perfectly so we threw it on him.

The shop i work at

Here’s our sign come see us!

Up and running!

Welcome to my new website! This is inky the first day it has been up and running so if you notice somethings that are out of place or not working please let me know. The links to the gallery pages, awards,videos, contacts page and so on are at the top right and links to the shop website and my facebook and twitter accounts are on the right under my picture. There should be a live twitter feed under the calendar and the calendar let’s you look at previous updates by date. There is only 2 photos in my ’11 gallery because I have been working on very large pieces lately so not too many new pictures this year yet.

Thanks chago

Str8 edge stevens sleeve in progress

Currently Under Construction

But this site will be all done real soon

This will be your live feed

so basically you can log in here from your computer or your phone, and let people know what you are up to. And you also have your twitter feed ————>

and that keeps people updated as well